What Does it Mean to Live in
Financial Grace?
God has gifted me with insights and revelation to help people find financial solutions where they don't immediately see 'how'!

I'd like to see what that might look like for you!
My name is Sam Piercy.  I have 30+ years in and around financial services and hold a Certified Financial Planning designation (CFP).

My expertise is financial literacy for people who are users of financial services. I work with financial professionals, clients and church leaders to provide programs to connect the Word of God with the world of money we live in today. More specifically, I am an expert in the practical application of day-to-day financial concepts with an emphasis on increasing financial capacity to expand the Kingdom of God through education, relationships, application, and prayer!
Can you tell me what financial issue(s)
is most important to you today?
If you could take less than 5 minutes to tell me what's most important to you financially right now I can provide you with information and direction that is relevant to issues that matter to you. Anything you share with me is confidential. The questions aren't personal or specific so your answers are only about helping me provide beneficial, immediately actionable information for your specific interests. Thank you!
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After you submit your answers, I have a collection of tools, templates and checklists to give you.

These will help show you how you can refocus from uncertainty to increase for immediate benefit! It's my way to say thank you for sharing these couple minutes with me. 
There are just 7 quick questions.  
When you're finished, you will be directed to a page where you can 
contact me with any specific questions you might have right away.
You can also download my ebook, 'The Proverbs 1022 Prayer Strategy for Financial Increase' for free. There you can read my personal testimony as well as access the 
​​​​​​​Breakthrough Prayer Strategy inspired by the Lord's Prayer.

Your input means a lot to me as I share what God has been revealing and calling me to share with His people. Thank you again and God Bless!  
Here's the Bonus Blueprints and Checklists you'll get as my Thank You for sharing your insights for
Financial Grace!
These bonus tools are only available in other courses and programs and not accessible separately anywhere else. The programs they're from range in price from $79 - $10,000 so I know you'll appreciate having access to them and the valuable reference they provide!
The MoneyMinding 12 Steps for Financial Grace Today
10-Point Decision-Making Hierarchy for Holy Spirit Inspired Financial Transactions
Immediate Decision-Making Support to Triumph Over Money
Income Acceleration Blueprint for Unlimited Financial Increase Beginning with Only $10
Most Common Money Myths and Mistakes and How to Overcome Them
The Loss-Protection Strategy Anyone Can Implement
Why Restricted Budgets Sabotage Success - and What to do Instead!
Click Here to Tell Me What's Most Important to you Financially

Phone:  250-592-0457 (Pacific Time)
Email:  sam@sampiercy.com